"My passion as a young adult transitioned into a business that would support 100's of marine species across the country"

Ryan Edwards - Owner of Marine Management

About Us

Marine Management Aquariums has been operating since 2010. The founder and owner, Ryan Edwards started the company as an extension of his hobby and passion. Over the years, the company has built its name countrywide and has become a market leader in aquarium maintenance.

We have a large base of supportive clients of who can vouch for us and the quality of service that we provide. Our business spectrum is wide as we build custom made fish tanks, supply aquarium equipment, products and perform aquarium maintenance.

Our own dedicated 10 000 litre quarantine facility, allows us to supply our customers with excellent quality livestock. These facilities allow us to quarantine all our imported livestock before they are sold to customers; this ensures that all livestock are in good health before being rehomed.

Our Fish Tank Warehouse