Custom Fish Tanks

We build and maintain fresh water and saltwater custom fish tanks of any required size and shape.

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Custom aquariums that look beautiful

We build and install, custom fish tanks and aquariums across South Africa, the DRC, and Zimbabwe. We also provide maintenance for these aquariums within the Gauteng province; by providing weekly, fortnightly or monthly maintenance. Enquire now and bring your dream aquarium to life!

Buy standard aquariums

We build standard aquariums that are ready to go in popular sizes. Click here to shop for a standard size fish tank

Cresta marine tank

Our clients trust in us to ensure our tanks look beautiful when displayed in public areas

Ultimate salt water aquarium

4000 litre cylinder artificial reef aquarium

Head Board Bed aquarium

Quality custom fish tanks

Our superior build and maintenance quality separates us from other competitors. We have a large, varied portfolio of aquariums which are custom made, that give us the expertise to meet each and every client’s individual needs.

We can build aquariums to any desired shape and size; with glass, FRP or acrylic. Our aquarium filtration systems are designed to keep the aquarium clean and easy to maintain. Our systems are designed for long term use and are not substandard. We take no short cuts in any way and always provide our customers with a high quality, well finished product. We are driven to provide top quality aquariums with top quality filtration to keep a healthy environment for your inhabitants.

Aquarium maintenance

Our maintenance team maintain aquariums no matter how big or small. We take pride in our large and established client list.

Our team has their own uniquely wrapped vehicle; that allows us to provide efficient and superior service. We carry a majority of equipment spares, foods (even frozen), and bulbs with us, to ensure any encountered issues can be solved and fixed immediately. We have our own quarantine facility, which holds over 10 000 litres of water. This specialised facility allows us to offer our clients quarantined fish; which ensures that no diseases are transferred into our client’s aquariums.

We also have coral banks which ensure corals can acclimate first before they are transferred into our customer’s aquariums.

Our Maintenance Packages Include:

  • Monitoring all water parameters and testing water depending on what type of aquarium it is either saltwater or fresh water.
  • Adding additional water due to evaporation loss with reverse osmosis water (RO)
  • Cleaning all biological filters, protein skimmers and bio-balls
  • Cleaning glass free of algae and any dirt accumulated between maintenance visits
  • General checks include water testing, temperature control, monitoring fish health (diseases)
  • Water changes and gravel cleaning of sand

We also offer the following additional maintenance services:

Fish Sourcing & Purchasing

Clients that wish to purchase fish and/corals for their system can consult the Marine Management team for assistance in this process. Our team will ensure that the correct selection of fish and corals are chosen according to our clients individual aquariums. We will then proceed to monitor the purchased fish or corals in our quarantine systems for two weeks. This includes feeding of the fish and corals, treating to prevent diseases from transferring into the clients aquarium as well as the general monitoring of the fish and corals. 

Ultimate salt water aquarium

Aquarium assessments and upgrades

Marine Management assesses aquariums to offer professional advice on upgrades, which can improve the efficiency and cleanliness of the aquariums. We assist in equipment replacements as the result of equipment failures and wear and tear over time. Our suppliers stock a vast range of aquatic equipment and spares ensuring that we are able to fix all aquariums in a timely manner.

Aquarium maintenance within Gauteng

Maintenance of a custom fish tank

We are based in Kyasands, Randburg and operate out of our company owned premises.

We cover aquarium maintenance within Johannesburg, Pretoria and the greater Gauteng region.

We have been in operation since 2010 and continue to grow from strength to strength. 

About us

"My passion transitioned into a business that would support 1000's of marine species across the country" - Ryan Edwards. Owner of Marine Management

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